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NFC just red, STMicroelectronics develops vigorously to break new ground

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The next generation of short-range wireless connectivity technology known as NFC technology has a significant impact, and will become the standard smart devices.


The next generation of short-range wireless connectivity technology known as NFC technology has a significant impact, and will become the standard smart devices. Whether it is intelligent terminals, interactive advertising, bus cards and even wearable devices, from exchange business cards by touching, access key to everything NFC payments, NFC applications rise, as long as a machine in hand, will be able to enjoy a more convenient life. On the electronic enthusiasts organized the second "Shenzhen NFC / RFID technology discussion forums," Zhu Lin Marketing Manager STMicroelectronics MMS department said in an interview, STMicroelectronics a complete product line of NFC promote NFC technology universal.

NFC turned the corner to enter the period of rapid development

NFC stands for Near Field Communication technology, developed from a radio frequency identification (RFID), in fact, a long time ago there was an example of NFC applications. In 2004, Nokia introduced the world's first NFC product - the Nokia 3220 NFC shell, although not embedded into the chip inside the phone, but Nokia has been testing the waters of mobile payments. But at the time, Nokia has developed rapidly, NFC technology has not kept pace. "Since it is difficult to control and channel balance the interests of banks, telecommunications operators and related organizations, NFC payments in popularity during the slow progress," says Zhu Lin.

In the "NFC / RFID technology seminar", Zhu Lin, Marketing Manager of STMicroelectronics MMS department is to receive electronic enthusiasts, editor interview

As things Recently, the development of wearable devices, smart phones, NFC technology came back to the people's vision, especially after the central bank halted a two-dimensional code, NFC success "host", such as mushrooming stand up. Dramatically, then the first NFC eat "crab" Nokia fallen, Samsung, HTC, Sony, BlackBerry and other manufacturers picked up the "baton", first in the NFC functionality into their own phone. There are rumors that Apple in order to combat Android smartphones will be implanted in the NFC function iPhone6, a move bound to set off NFC development trend.

STMicroelectronics fully occupied NFC market

To meet this challenge NFC in different fields of application, as STMicroelectronics, the world's largest supplier of one of the NFC launched a series of solutions that cover the full range of NFC applications market. Zhu Lin said: "ST from the most basic IOS14443 / 15693 RF / NFC tags to both I2C and dynamic RF interface NFC chip, and then to a full range of NFC / RF transceiver chip, ST covered NFC / RFID Ecosystem more comprehensive than other companies. "

With a complete NFC product line planning, ST's NFC products are widely used in automotive, industrial, medical, health, logistics, security and other fields. M24SR latest series of dynamic NFC tag supports the NFC Forum Type 4 Tag Protocol (native support for Android version 4.1 and higher) and NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF). It implements a variety of NFC applications, such as simple Bluetooth pairing and data exchange, support URL, automatically connect Vcard and other types of information storage, the unique energy capture function can be NFC phone or NFC reader to capture excess energy output to drive the rest of the NFC system, so that the whole system does not require the use of batteries to activate the NFC master, this environmentally friendly and convenient for the customer.

Take the rapid development of smart phones "Dongfeng", NFC gradually penetrate into people's daily lives, with technology terminal, accepting environment basic transformation is completed, take sides with the policy, NFC technology will usher in the explosive growth in the near future. Promote the development of NFC as the mainstay, STMicroelectronics future initiatives which will maintain its "leadership" position? Which will launch high-quality products, electronic products, so that we use every day by adding STNFC chip derive greater value? let us wait and see.

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