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Intelligent Lighting LED driver IC trend now a new blue ocean

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[REVIEW] in the international lighting manufacturers rushing, the intelligent lighting market is rapidly heating up. It is compatible with the traditional lighting systems architecture lighting, LED driver and intelligent lighting package of technological change has already started.


In the international lighting manufacturers rushing, the intelligent lighting market is rapidly heating up. It is compatible with the traditional lighting systems architecture lighting, LED driver and intelligent lighting package of technological change has already started. Since the intelligent lighting system board design space is extremely limited, so the LED driver and packaging enterprises to accelerate the development of integrated drive circuit and LED light source photoelectric integration programs, and the DOB (DriveronBoard) and COB (ChiponBoard) and other new packaging technology.

DOB technology and selling inherent defect

"DOB is a driving chip is directly mounted on the heat radiation substrate solution," Infineon Technologies Co., Ltd. of Taiwan to reporters, senior manager MrEdwardChang says.

He pointed out that there are many LED packaging companies are working on this aspect, but basically only two ways to do this: the LED drive switch is in the ultra-high frequency switching state, or there is no switch. The latter program has been relatively mature, you can use it as AC-driven LED linear actuator. "

At the same time, he said, the main selling point of this integrated circuit IC is without electrolytic capacitors, but inevitably there will be some defects, such as:

- 100Hz / 120Hz low frequency flicker. All LED when AC line voltage zero crossing will be closed, which will lead to very bad "quality of light." Studies have shown that it may cause people headaches or eyestrain.

- Variation in the input power. As the "linear" control will be based on the AC line voltage variations and changes in current through the LED. Higher AC line voltage will result in higher LED current, LED driver so that will be subjected to more heat, which represents the brightness will also change.

- Overdrive the LED. In order to achieve the DC-driven LED driver has the same light output, which requires more LED (high cost), or overdriving the LED (low light efficiency and low reliability).

MrEdwardChang pointed out that currently, there are many IC manufacturers on the market can provide a similar solution. While some companies try to solve the problems mentioned above, but still there will be some side effects. He said that the trend in the market today is the shift from commercial lighting and B2B B2C, and generally on the "quality of light" There are certain requirements.

Digital dimming technology into a new battlefield

Intelligent LED lighting not only affects the driver architecture, and we also will promote the new circuit layout and dimming (Dimming), emerging technologies, enabling more convenient and low-cost digital control scheme. Insiders expect the next 1--2 years will be LED lighting towards digital dimming the critical period, the relevant LED driver chip and system solutions for a large number of baked expected to become the new industry supply chain technology battlefield.

It is understood that the digital lighting controller product line will solve several common problems faced by LED lighting, such as 100Hz / 120Hz low frequency associated with the quality of light flashes, the current accuracy dimming compatibility, different line voltage and load conditions, and different LED binning and the like.

The flexibility to choose different control programs, parameters and protocols can further improve energy efficiency. This allows the artificial light from dawn to night, from spring to winter to maintain coordination of environmental change. So that people can use smart phones and tablet PCs and other mobile terminal, free to control LED brightness and color temperature to create a different atmosphere by changing the light color. In addition, the bright lights in the night, but also for people to bring a sense of security. Infineon's digital lighting controller design goal is that by connecting an external microcontroller interface, support for intelligent lighting control solutions, such as ambient light sensing, with automatic daylight dimming enhancement, color temperature adjustments.

MrEdwardChang According to reports, Infineon has successfully demonstrated the next generation of digital power products and high power LED system. Infineon's next generation of AC / DC digital power LED products provide excellent current accuracy to meet the conduct 1-10V dimming over a wide input and output voltage range and no secondary feedback requirements.

Infineon DC / DCLED drive ILD6070 / 6150 offers a unique thermal management capabilities, allows clients to freely set by a resistor overtemperature protection trip point. In light management, Infineon introduced the ARM-based Coretex-M0XMC1000 series, including special BCCU, brightness and color control unit to provide customers "flicker-free" and dimming control based on PDM (pulse density modulation) patented " linear gradient color, "the brilliant color mixing, and 24GHz radar sensors provide large area coverage and long-range applications such as high-bay or outdoor lights compared with customers.

MrEdwardChang also said: "intelligent lighting is part of the wave of the Internet of Things and cloud computing, network security should be one of the most important issues, OPTIGA Infineon's secure microcontroller is to ensure network security experts.

LED drive is moving toward areas of cost drivers

With the rising power LED light source, end-product prices continued to decline, LED driver IC accounted for the proportion of the overall lighting costs more to highlight, chip makers are racing to develop a higher degree of integration overweight linear drive solutions to meet the system vendors reduce material Listing (BOM) cost requirements.

"On one hand, LED drive is moving in a more intelligent direction; on the other hand, LED drive is moving towards cost-driven applications, such as dress up the market." MrEdwardChang spoke to reporters.

MrEdwardChang said the cost may come from different aspects. For example, LED products are increasingly concerned about the surge voltage protection. Customers can decide if they are willing to spend on a surge protector or while there are more on value-added products with power surge protector, or spent on improving reliability. In addition, Infineon's next generation of digital power products will help customers not only reduce their BOM costs, but also to save their development costs and inventory management costs.

Infineon talked about the future direction of product development, MrEdwardChang told reporters, energy-efficient lighting is LED driver IC and a new blue ocean of intelligent LED lighting, energy-efficient lighting in order to achieve goals, we need to do a lot of work, and LED drive is part of . In the next five years, Infineon's product roadmap including next-generation power semiconductor technology LED driver IC. Infineon will not only innovation from the LED driver IC design and concept, but also from the product line will be innovation, Infineon expect a more complete technology and products cover the entire lighting market applications.

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