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Three wireless smart home How to choose

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The popularity of wireless technology which played a very important role. WiFi, Zigbee and Bluetooth is currently the primary means of connecting smart home products and mobile devices.


WiFi-based smart home products is the most common, because the popularity of WiFi itself. For users of smart home based on a combination of WiFi is the most easy to buy the device directly to the network.

The Chinese name is called WiFi wireless fidelity, feel. Smart home product in the past two years the main single awareness and control appear, WiFi main streams with large data transfers (such as TV box, speakers) in - so it's advantage is the fast transmission rate, the disadvantage is the cost and power consumption are relatively high.

Moreover, because the requirements of the smart home WiFi always online, smart home networking WiFi router for ordinary load is relatively high, according to several industry friends to give a common household data routing load probably 8-10 devices, after stable nature will change.

Domestic WiFi smart home products Broadlink, small K socket and so on.


Zigbee products seem relatively rare, because both WiFi and Bluetooth With the popularity of mobile devices rolled out, Zigbee before this is more interested in industrial and engineering applications. Zigbee is characterized by low power, low cost, network capacity, while transmission rate is relatively low.

In general Zigbee rarely used in the data stream, but the smart home in sensing and control such fragmentation is very suitable for the transmission of information.

Zigbee networking is WiFi connected mobile devices, after a turn WiFi Zigbee Zigbee central control of all single product. The average family in the past no Zigbee infrastructure, so this kind of smart home products, the difficulty lies in the promotion of central Zigbee pushed out. Fortunately Zigbee hardware is the cheapest of all.


Bluetooth is a point to point communication, the main purpose is to serve mobile devices. Bluetooth's power consumption and costs are interposed between the first two, but the transmission distance is the shortest. Dependent mobile devices, and also determines a shorter distance transmission Bluetooth products provide some of the more personalized experience, such as Bluetooth anti-lost, Bluetooth speakers, intelligent scales.

Three types of positioning communication technology, WiFi infrastructure, Zigbee serve as a means of connection between devices (M2M), mobile devices Bluetooth service. WiFi and Bluetooth terminals now have a lot of support, but not the optimal solution of home networking. For Zigbee, the existing problem is to find a reasonable way to pave the terminal.

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