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FY2200S Series

Programmable dual-channel function generator

This instrument uses a large CMOS High speed integrated circuits, microprocessors, internal circuits using Active Crystal base, high signal stability. Surface mount technology greatly improves the immunity and longevity. Instruments have the dual DDS signal outputs can generate sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, the output signal amplitude, offset, phase control can be achieved (the instrument can display the output signal's amplitude and phase, waveform, parameter information, make your operation more convenient) 。 Also has dual TTL output (tunable phase difference), the measured frequency and the counter function, the product also has a linear sweep, and logarithmic sweep function, can set arbitrary scan frequency range and scan time. Are electronics engineers, laboratories, production line and the ideal equipment for teaching and research, but also can be used as industrial equipment supporting modules.

FY2200S Models in the last two digits 00 Value that represents the sine wave frequency limit of this type of instrument ( MHz )。 Example:FY2205S,05said this type of sine wave output frequency can be as high as 5MHz.

1 , Power switch

2 , LCD display

3 , Parameter adjustment

4 , Function keys

5 Measuring input port

6 Waveform output port, dual-channel and the channel selection control button  

 High frequency precision: frequency accuracy can be achieved 10-6 Orders of magnitude

 High frequency resolution: full-range frequency resolution 10mHz

 The duty cycle can be adjusted independently of the main and auxiliary ( 1%~99% )

 Infinite ride restrictions: full range of frequencies are not graded, direct digital settings

 Waveform and high precision: calculated by a function of output waveform synthesis, waveform and high precision, low distortion

 Variety of waveforms: sine, square wave (duty cycle adjustable), triangle wave, sawtooth wave

 Scanning: with linear sweep and logarithm of the frequency scan function, the scan start and end points can be set

 Stores feature: stores 20 Set instrument parameters set by the user, and may at any time call up to reproduce

 Operation: all buttons, LCD1602 English LCD display, direct digital continuous adjusting settings or knobs

 High reliability: large-scale integrated circuits, surface-mount technology, high reliability, long service life

 Frequency measurement: 60MHz Frequency meter function, internal / External signal frequency measurement

Technical Specifications                                                         

Signal output parameters

 Output channel

 Main wave of two independent output channels.

 Output waveform

 Sine wave, square wave (duty cycle adjustable), triangle wave, sawtooth wave.              

 Output amplitude 

 ≥20Vp-p ( No load)

 Output impedance


 DC bias


 Frequency resolution


 Frequency accuracy


 Frequency stability

 ≤0.8% ( Reference frequency 1kHz)

 Sine wave distortion 

 ≥98% (0.01Hz~10kHz)

 Square wave rise and fall time


 Square wave duty cycle range


TTL Output  

Dual TTL Level output, tunable phase difference 



 Fanout factor

 >20 TTL Load

Frequency counter functions  

 Counting range              


 Frequency measurement range


 Input range


Scan function

 This feature is available only if the master has

 Scan mode      

 Linear scanning, log scanning                               

 Frequency range

 Arbitrary start point and end point setting                                            

 Frequency sweep range 

 M1 Preset frequency ~M2 Preset frequency

 Scanning rate

 1s~99s / Step

Other characteristics

 Display mode         

 LCD1602 English LCD display

 Storage and redeployment capabilities

 M0-M19 (M0: default calls into)


 200mm ( Length ) x 190mm ( Width ) x 90mm ( High)


 500 G (bare metal), annex ( 150 Grams)

 Buzzer function

 Can use a program setting to turn on or off

 Manufacturing process

 Surface-mount technology, VLSI, High reliability, long service life

 Operating characteristics

 All buttons, knobs adjustable

 Environmental conditions

 Temperature: 0~40  Humidity:﹤80%

 Wide voltage range


Performance Testing                                                                      

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