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10.4 inch AV / VGA LCD

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FYV-104 LCD Module Introduction

FYV-104 is a widely used microcontroller systems, automotive displays, industrial control systems and other equipment

At the same color TFT LCD display with 10.4 inches large display area at both 800 * 600 points

Resolution, VGA and two interfaces using VA mode, color support 65,536 colors. It has been widely used in DIY

Art projection and automotive displays, the effect is recognized, been adopted by many domestic manufacturers!

12v power supply module with a single, abandoned the high energy consumption CCFL backlight lamp, afraid of vibration, easy to aging

And other disadvantages, the use of long-life LED backlight life of more than 100,000 hours, without external users back

Light bar. Pure color and backlight brightness adjustable, can reduce system power consumption.


First, the scope:

Adaptation CPU: automotive equipment, monitor, projector, security, industrial, and other fields.


Second, the module features:

Project Features Remarks

Dimensions 250 × 175 × 15mm height does not include the cable pins

Image lattice 800 × RGB × 600

Depending on field size 211.2 × 158.4mm 10.4inch

Interface RGB, AV

Brightness cd / m2 250cd / m2

TFT color mode

16-bit color display (65536) color

Left and right viewing angle> 140o, up and down> 120o wide field of view

Operating voltage DC 12 V

Power consumption 700mA

Operating ambient temperature -20 ~ 70 ℃ industrial temperature range

Storage temperature -30 ~ 80 ℃

Long-life LED backlight backlight mode more than 100,000 hours

Adjustable backlight control software

Targeting the row and column number to quickly locate

Found more than 6KV electrostatic immunity is well grounded



Third, the liquid crystal application interface and bus timing

1, interface definition:

RGB interfaces: standard female 15-pin RGB interface

(Note that this interface is located on the liquid crystal side of the circuit board toward the back side of the liquid crystal)

No. No. Flag Flag Function Remarks Function Remarks

1 RED red component 2 GERRN green component

3 BLUE blue component 4 NC undefined

5 GND Power Ground 0V 6 GND Power Ground 0V

7 GND Power Ground 0V 8 GND power ground 0V

9 NC undefined 10 D7 data bus INOUT3.3V

11 NC 12 NC undefined undefined

13 HSYNC line synchronization 14 VSYNC vertical sync

NC NC undefined


AV interface (diameter 5MM standard power outlet, center positive)

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