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Industrial 7-inch screen

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FYD70-4024-65K LCD module

Product description                            

FYD70-4024-65K Is a widely used in monolithic systems, industrial control systems and other equipment, color TFT LCD screen, has a 7 -inch large display area of both 400*240 resolution, significantly reducing data transfer and storage of the system pressure using 8/16 bit 8080 bus interface, color support65536 color image more delicate procedures compatible with the common market in ILI9320 for LCD controller, the program need not be modified to use.

    Only 2 pages VRAM , Operates a separate page without affecting other pages, it can be 2 pages separate and overlay display, widely used in Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, you need to display multiple waveform display, move the cursor, menu, and so on, greatly reduce the work of software, read and write any no other page content. Comes with 2D acceleration , can be set for any area in hypervelocity solid fill (the entire screen fills less than 20ms), there is no sense of crowding the screen . Provides 8 write and write mode,Simply send a command, the dashboard will be 500 nanoseconds fills the specified (8 points), greatly improved the Chinese characters, English letters, numbers, and graphics display. Software settings anyway-screen display mode.
Super high 20MHz without waiting for the bus speed, Single point of read/write cycles up to 50ns, without any wait. High speed system can be used with any interface. Unique memory setting function of the Update window, user can specify any area to read and write, is to achieve high-speed UcGuiinterface requirements.
     While modules
Can be equipped with imported high quality industrial grade touch screenAnd the touch screen controller, resolutions up to 4096 .Only 4 wires and seamless link, without SCM outside any analog circuit, are ideal for industrial control.
    Module uses a single 5V power supply, abandoned CCFL backlight lamp with high energy consumption, vibration, aging and other disadvantages,
Long-life LED backlight Use Life of more than 10 million hoursUsers without external backlight. Color purity, and adjustable backlight brightness software at a resolution of 8 levels, the user without external PWM. Can effectively reduce system power consumption.
    Provide GB2312 16 character dot-matrix font,8 -bit user IO extension output and 4M large capacity FLASH user-space (FLASH 0x80000 ) images can be flexibly stored application data or system, additional cost savings for you.
While there are a variety of types of fonts for the user to select, if you have special requirements, you can contact our customer service!

    Matching CPU:AVRand thePICand theSTM32 family,LPC2XXX, andMSP430, and51,,DSP, andFPGA 96, andX86, and 8088, andZ80

For more information, please ask our customer service request!

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Product features                              





Outside dimensions

183 ×100×10mm

Includes fixed-wing Board

Image matrix

400 ×RGB×240

View size

154.8 ×85.9mm


Digital interface

16 8080 bus interface

Directive-compliant ILI9320 controllers



Display color

16 Bit (65536) color TFT


About >140o, >120o

Wide view scope

Display mode

Double display buffer

4 Display combinations:

0 Display separate

1 Display separate

0 Top display,1 bottom display

0 , And1 layer Overlay Display

Working voltage

DC 5 V

Power consumption


Working environment temperature

-20 ~70

Industrial grade Temperature   range

Storage temperature

-30 ~80

Touch screen

4 -Wire resistive touch screen

Imports of industrial-grade

Touch screen controller

10 Bit resolution

Data bus width

20MHz (Single   write cycle less than 50ns)

Update locales

Windows regional        s ettings Function


Write mode extensions

8 Write more, wrote Function

500 Nanosecond   filled within 8 points


Ultra high speed filling

Whole screen fills less than 20ms

Extended IO

8 User IO extension output

TTL Level

Anyway, screen options

S et the screen display

Software s ettings

Chinese character library

16 Dot-matrix Hardware   character font,ASCIIcharacters


Storage space

4M User application space

FLASH 0x80000

Backlight mode

Long-life LED backlight

More than 10 million hours

Backlight control

8 Backlight level software controller

No external PWM


Rows, columns, rapid positioning

The static reactor rejection

Measured more than 6KV

Well grounded


51 And theLPC213xand theSTM32

Provide technical support

Interface definition                   

* Data / instruction selection:1--- data channel operation,0--- operations command register operations

Function introduction                   

Double display function: Our LCD screen provides powerful Double the video memory to display Function, note well, is also shown, rather than just two memory. Can one show shading, a displayed waveform, the oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, signal generator, temperature profile recorder real-time display, simplify the programmer's job, the effect is shown in the following figure: 

Window functions: Can be any range video card memory update, you can quickly update icon, picture, or by s etting to achieve ultra high speed drawing horizontal or vertical lines, is UCGUIWINDOWS Features a perfect match

2D Speed Full screen or window to quickly fill the same s et of colors, you can 20ms Fill in the full screen, without CPU Participation, there is no sense of crowding the screen,

8 And write mode : Write-once 8 Pixels, the more written as transparent, generally used in Chinese as well as ASCII Display, Display speed is faster than single point display 5~10 




Eight adjustable backlight: My company's large-size LCD screen ( 4.3 Inches or more) backlight 8 Adjustable, brightness can make your products more user-friendly.


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