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Our company formally launched sales FY2300H Series Signal Generators

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FY2300H and FY2300 series main differences are as follows:

1, FY2300H series sine wave output frequency of up to 60MHz (FY2300H-60M), square-wave maximum output frequency of up to 25MHz, the maximum frequency of the triangular wave of up to 20MHz, (similar performance parameters of the instrument are priced at more than 2,500 yuan), detailed parameters indicators can refer to different models of the corresponding parameter tables.

2, FY2300H series sampling rate upgrade to 250MSa / s, high-frequency signal output outline more clearly;

3, FY2300H DA Series 14 high-speed integrated circuit (non-resistor network other manufacturers barricaded DA program), 5V output waveform stepped down to 0.3mV, the price of the instrument with the highest waveform sophistication;

4, FY2300H each series of waveform memory depth upgraded to 8192 * 14bits, high-precision reduction can signal detail;

5, FY2300H series of phase resolution of up to 0.1 degrees, the user can more precisely control the delay of the two signals;

6, FY2300H series with a new power supply design, power eradicated handheld instrument noise small-amplitude signal drawbacks. (Small signal 10mV still have a perfect signal characteristics, KO all domestic handset signal source)

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