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FEELTECH is a professional industrial grade color LCD module and signal generator industrial product development, production, sales and technical services in one high-tech enterprises.

Since its inception, we have been committed to the industrial color LCD solutions and industrial grade signal generator product development and production. With our many years of industrial display and industrial control and other areas of experience, the company has always adhere to innovation, and constantly improve the technological level and the idea in this area continued to increase R & D investment.

About Products

The company independently developed 65K color LCD series instruction compatible ILI9320, SPFD5408, R61505, the basic program can be used without modification. In particular, I developed a dual memory simultaneously display, 2D acceleration, 8:00 and multi-write function, to eliminate the phenomenon of low-speed CPU refresh, user-friendly programming, can achieve multi-screen write mode, so that the products become UCGUI users best supporting LCD module graphical interface. At present, I color LCD product categories include: single-chip parallel bus interface type color liquid crystal display modules, VGA / AV Interface Video Color LCD modules, covering the display size 1.8 "to 10.4", and other display size, nearly 30 Model for different needs of users choice.

The company independently developed the signal generator products a large number of applications the university laboratory, detection, medical devices, industrial control and other fields, the products are exported to countries in Europe and America! 6KV products have passed pressure testing and EMC electromagnetic compatibility test, widely used in industrial automation, power, telecommunications, environmental protection, health care, finance, oil, shipping, public inquiry, chemicals, energy, geology, metallurgy, transportation and monitoring dozens of industries and fields. Over the years, the company can provide customers with tailored product design philosophy for many industries to develop a more customized value-added personal products. Companies with products rich and powerful, stable and superior performance, high cost, and improve technical support and good after-sales service, has become a domestic and international human-machine interface industry's most outstanding products with competitive! High reliability and stability of the product so that each user can feel assured that, in the minds of the majority of users established a good brand image!

About Team

The company's R & D team, sales team, management team and gradually form a large, more rational personnel structure, high levels of staff qualifications highlight the teamwork, is a younger, better educated, professional and highly qualified personnel. Company to market-oriented and customer-centric management model, is to promote the rapid development of runaway science and technology, and gradually realize the grand blueprint!

Company sincerely welcome new and old customers! Welcome powerful agents joined cooperation! FEELTECH who is willing to work together with you to create brilliant tomorrow!



feeltech professional production of LCD modules and signal generator, providing industrial color LCD…

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