Digital age eight kinds of input devices will soon replace computer keyboard

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[REVIEW] 1870s, when Christopher? Latham? When Sholes (Christopher Latham Sholes) invention QWERTY keyboard, he probably would not have thought his basic design philosophy has continued for 150 years, until the current digital age. Tech world is changing. Computer keyboard never started to become the undisputed king of the input device.

  The future will replace the keyboard input devices

  1870s, when Christopher? Latham? When Sholes (Christopher Latham Sholes) invention QWERTY keyboard, he probably would not have thought his basic design philosophy has continued for 150 years, until the current digital age. Tech world is changing. Computer keyboard never started to become the undisputed king of the input device.

  Brain wave


Such fantasy future: brainwaves and chip direct transmission, cyborg science fiction flavor blowing. Research on BCI (BCI) technology can be traced back nearly 50 years ago, but recent advances have this technology out of the lab. For example, NeuroSky's EEG biosensor allows the user to interact with the computer by merely wanted to trigger.

 Smart Glasses

  Perhaps the most promising smart glasses wearable input device, because it is from our main sense organs - the eyes close, which brings many possibilities for development. Most smart glasses using OHMD (optical head mounted display) technology, the screen can be projected onto the front of the picture, combined with other input method Google glasses used voice command system, OHMD can provide truly mobile viewing experience. Such as Swedish companies like Tobii eye tracking systems have been used as an input device solution to use. By tracking eye movements to determine the direction of travel the eyes, such a system can be used to execute commands, traditional workstation applications, cars and even video games.

Smart bracelet


France, a small company produced intelligent bracelet Cicret Bracelet is a new input device that combines the projection keyboard, wearable computers and mobile technology and other elements, the use of micro-projectors and proximity sensors, the skin as a touch screen. The device is still in the early prototype stage, as of now, the design team said that this bracelet allows the user to operate like other touch screen surface to click and slide the same. Expected bracelet is run independently of the Android system, or via a Bluetooth mobile phone with Wi-Fi capabilities and a built-in micro USB port. But be careful, oh: If caught itch, you might recklessly text messages everywhere.

 Smart Ring

  After the crowdfunding site Kickstarter appear intelligent Ring Ring attracted a lot of attention, also caused a sensation on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last year. As a wearable input device, the ring via Bluetooth smart phones, smart watches, even after networking devices are paired, allows the user to wobble finger create some command shortcuts and complete different tasks. For example, wear a ring in the air to send a text or write letters to spell out "TV" to open the living room TV. Ring using gesture recognition, small lights, tactile feedback technology that enables users to achieve communication between different devices. Are LED flashing and vibrating alert users to send text or have successfully completed payments. Ring Japanese company hopes to develop this summer sale of this product, priced at about $ 30.

Projection Keyboard


Projection keyboard is usually a combination of laser equipment, sensors and infrared beam, copying a traditional QWERTY keyboard on a flat surface, the virtual keyboard is projected onto a surface. Its purpose is to provide a virtual full-size keyboard for mobile devices, to overcome the physical limitations of the inconvenience and enhance portability. This technique can also be used to project the piano. Last year, Japan launched the "Star Wars" robot R2-D2 prototype projection keyboard, the application of this concept to the extreme.

Virtual Keyboard

  AirType American creative team developed a virtual keyboard which is still in the early prototype stage, the use of a set of sensors surrounded by palm finger gesture input during tracking. The user can at any plane or no plane to typing, the sensor can enter user-specific learning habits. The keyboard also provides dynamic correction and word prediction help.

  Speech Recognition

  For decades, speech recognition technology has been trying to get involved in the field of the keyboard. Now you can easily say it out loud, why effortlessly Yi Zizi enter it? The answer is simple: For a long time, the reliability of speech recognition is not known, it will be applied in the software is a difficult task. It's just as accurate expect 6-year-old baseball player pitching, as can be imagined ...... but in recent years, voice recognition this embarrassing situation has undergone great changes, thanks to artificial intelligence and "deep learning "algorithm amazing progress. Currently these users interact with the system using natural language to promote the development of many technologies, such as hands-free for the disabled designed equipment, automotive voice and Siri, Huna, Google Now virtual assistants and other mobile devices. Skype has recently been further improved to achieve - using machine learning and natural language technology to interact with real-time translation between English and Spanish.

  Gesture Recognition


I have seen the science fiction movie "Minority Report," "Ender's Game" and "The Avengers," the audience must remember the following scene: standing in front of the eyes of the protagonist determination translucent 3D holographic displays, handsome waved palm to call up the data required, can be easily accessed through a sliding, stretching gestures, zoom in or out. Such technology has been part appears in the motion control and gesture recognition systems, Microsoft's Kinect peripheral somatosensory games and other control devices and high-end artificial intelligence research environment can be seen traces of such technologies. Figure Leap Motion is a somatosensory controller, used in conjunction with a standard keyboard to track finger movements, sensitivity of 0.01 mm. But independent 3D holographic devices is still very far from reality.

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