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SGP2100S series

Fully programmable dual-channel function generator

Product Introduction                                                                       


  SGP2100S series DDS signal generator is feeltech launched in 2015, a cost-effective, versatile signal generator product, instrument uses large scale integrated circuits and high-speed FPGA MCU microprocessor, the internal circuit active crystal made reference signal high stability. Surface mount technology, greatly improving the instrument noise immunity and service life. Display interface using LCD1602 LCD display is divided into two lines, the top line shows the current frequency, the following line display other parameters or features variable. The instrument signal generator, waveform scanning, measuring and using parameters have great advantages, is an electronics engineer, electronics laboratories, production lines and teaching, research ideal test, measurement equipment

   SGP2100S instrument model of the last two digits 00 indicate limits (MHz) frequency sine wave on the instrument model. Example: SGP2102S, 02 means the model sine wave output frequency up to 2MHz

    The three most important source indicators: frequency, amplitude and offset level, so we in the procurement of the signal generator must consider several important parameter index, so that we can get a product that best suits your。1.About frequency:When you purchase, as long as the instrument maximum output frequency is greater than the highest frequency that you want to use on the line, need to be reminded that the said instrument on the market generally refers to the maximum output frequency of the sine wave is the maximum output frequency. If you need is a square wave, you need to confirm your purchase equipment square wave output frequency is the highest number。2.About amplitude:When you purchase equipment, to be considered the most significant instrument output signal range is how much, if you are buying the instrument amplitude range is too small, then the future will use the occasion of this instrument is greatly limited。3.About bias level:A formal standard signal generator, the bias level can be adjusted in all. In the experimental circuit, the signal that with any DC bias is extremely common. If the signal generator output bias can not be greater than 5V, the signal less than 1V peak to peak, so that the product can be said that basically there is no practical value。I will now highlight the characteristics of the instrument are described below:


1. The high signal stability

The instrument maximum stable output waveform signal 20VPP while the machine comes 20DB and 40DB attenuation circuit can stabilize the output of small-signal 10mVpp. So that the instrument wide range of applications

 2.Waveform species diversity
   Can output sine, square, triangle, pulse wave, staircase, ascending sawtooth, descending sawtooth
 3.Versatile Measurement
   Shortcut keys, having a key to enter the function interface, the instrument can measure not only the frequency, but also has a 10-bit decimal counter。
 4.Bias level adjustment precision
   This instrument bias level can -10V to + precise continuously adjustable between 10V, this function in experimental field sensor signal simulator, teaching experiments are necessary conditions, so be sure to consider before buying the instrument bias whether the level can be arbitrarily set the size。
 5.Sweep more flexible
    Shortcut keys, having a key to enter the sweep function interface, the machine can achieve linear and logarithmic sweep sweep,The maximum time of up to 999 seconds sweep, sweep start frequency and stop frequency can be set。
 6.Easy installation
   Panel embedding mounting structure, user-friendly product integration。
 7.Wide voltage supply range
    Native support DC14V-DC35V wide voltage supply range


 The instrument has the following excellent technical parameters and functional features

◆ High frequency accuracy: up to 10-6 frequency accuracy level

◆ high frequency resolution: the full range of frequency resolution 10mHz

◆ the duty cycle can be adjusted independently (1% to 99%)

◆ no range limitation: a full range of frequency, regardless of file, direct digital setting

◆ wave height accuracy: the output waveform calculated by the function value synthesis, high waveform accuracy, distortion

◆ scanning features: a scanning linear and logarithmic frequency scanning, scan start and end points can be set

◆ storage characteristics: can store 20 groups instrument state parameters set by the user, may be called up to Reproduce

◆ Operation: All key operation, LCD1602 LCD display English

◆ High Reliability: LSI, surface mount technology, high reliability, long life

◆ Frequency Measurement: own 60MHz frequency counter function, internal / external signal frequency measurement

Technical Specifications                        

 Product Specifications      SGP2102S            SGP2105S           SGP2110S         SGP2112S   
  Sine wave frequency range 0Hz - 2MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
  0Hz - 10MHz
   0Hz - 12MHz
  Square wave frequency range 0Hz - 2MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
  Triangular wave frequency range 0Hz - 2MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
 Other waveform frequency range 0Hz - 2MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
  0Hz - 5MHz
The output waveform
Signal output parameters
 Output channel

 Sine wave, square wave (variable duty cycle), triangle wave, pulse wave, staircase, ascending sawtooth, descending sawtooth

Output amplitude
 ≥20Vp-p(no Load)
 Output Impedance
 DC bias
 Frequency resolution
 Frequency accuracy
 Frequency stability
 ±2×10-6/3 hour
 Sine wave distortion
 ≤0.8% (Reference frequency 1kHz)
 Triangle wave linearity ≥98% (0.01Hz~10kHz)
 Rise and fall time of square wave
 Square wave duty cycle range
TTL output    

 Fan-out factor
 >20 TTLload                       
 TTL level rise and fall times ≤20ns
Frequency counter functions

 Counting range         
 Measurement frequency range
 Input amplitude
Scan function

 scanning method     
 Linear sweep, log sweep                           
 Frequency Range
 Arbitrarily set start and end points                                     
 Frequency sweep range
 M1 ~ M2 preset frequency preset frequency
 Scan rate
Wide voltage supply range
Other features
 Display method    
 LCD1602English liquid crystal display
 And transferred to storage function
 M0-M19(M0:Default transferred)
 120mm (Length70mm(Width) ×30mm(Height)

 Beeper function
 Can be set to turn on or off via program
 Manufacturing process
 Surface mount technology, large scale integrated circuits, high reliability, long life       
 Operational characteristics
 All key operation
 Environmental conditions
 Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ Humidity:<80%


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